There are many health issues in Pakistan that still need to be addressed and do not have proper treatment facilities. Mental health is one of them even after decades of awareness campaigns. Some people still think it's not a real health problem and some people think it doesn’t require professional help. But the fact remains that mental health is still a health issue that needs attention.

We cannot say that no progress has been made in Pakistan over the years. Almost every mental health clinic in Multan, Lahore, or other big cities in Pakistan now has a psychologist or a psychology department. Universities are producing hundreds of psychologists every year and they are practicing psychology in their private clinics. Many psychologists are also offering their services online.

There are some notable hospitals in big cities which are offering quality psychiatry services. There is a hospital in Multan that has a whole separate department for psychiatry services. Let us discuss what they have to offer to the people of Multan.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital Multan

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is a private welfare hospital in Multan. Offering many services and medical facilities in Multan. They have highly qualified doctors in every department and they ensure quality healthcare services are provided in South Punjab. The hospital has a big infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to treat patients. They have an entirely different and dedicated building for their mental health clinic called Spring Clinic.

Spring Clinic Multan

If you want to find a psychologist in Multan then Spring Clinic is a place to find one. It is a dedicated clinic to serve and treats people with mental health issues and mental illnesses. They have highly qualified and professional clinical psychologists, who treat every kind of mental health issue and people of every age. These are some noteworthy services they provide to people:

Behavioral therapy for autistic children  

Autistic children need special and extra care. Not just from doctors but it demands the collaborative efforts of both doctors and patients. They need support from everyone around them as they are not comfortable with socializing. Behavioral therapy helps them in their daily socializing, making new friends, and being comfortable with their surroundings.

Spring Clinic is a mental health clinic in Multan that offers behavioral therapy to children. Behavioral therapy is also about teaching a child a new life skill. These children have a low development rate as compared to other children of their age. They learn basic life skills at a relatively slow pace. Psychologists at Spring Clinic help children with regular therapy sessions at the clinic and provide them with a comfortable environment in which they can learn.

Speech therapy for children after cochlear implant program  

Spring Clinic is a mental health clinic in Multan that offers free-of-cost cochlear implant surgery for children born with hearing impairment. But this surgery can have different effects on children and some children need therapy after surgery. They experience difficulty pronouncing the words and understanding them properly. Psychologists help them carry the implant device and tell them how to speak and how pronounce the words. This therapy helps a lot of children and saves them from impairment for life.


Counseling for women during or after pregnancy

Many women go through different phases during their pregnancy. This process is not the same for everyone. Many women go through depression during or after their pregnancy, this is called postpartum depression. This depression needs proper treatment and therapy otherwise it can be very harmful to the mother and the child.

Therapists at Spring clinic provide therapy to women for postpartum depression. They make women comfortable in the settings and build trustful relationships so they can share what they feel. The therapists do regular sessions with them and tell them exercises that can help them live a normal and healthy life. Spring Clinic is a mental health clinic in Multan which thinks for the betterment of both mother and child and also their families.

Therapy for anxiety and depression

Many of our young people are suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. There are many reasons young people feel anxious and depressed. The tough competition in studies, career hardships, and unemployment. Seeing others on social media excelling in their lives and comparing your life with theirs. Feeling alone and thinking nobody understands them. The generation gap with parents and the distance from the family.

All these reasons can have a very negative impact on young people’s minds and mental health. Therapists at the spring clinic help young people to cope with their depression and anxiety. They help them to feel better about themselves. Teach them to think positively and progressively. They do not just treat them but make their lives better. 

So try and take care of your mental health because it is important to keep you going.